The “riding a train while almost on the verge of tears 70% of the time” arc is almost over

Soon it will be just
“sit in your dorm room while feeling the void of MFF being over and now you have to get ready for finals”

I will now
Ride the long-ass train ride home from MFF while emotionally unwell

Made it through the hell that is all the lines at MFF

At least the ones to get my badge to attend the thing 😭😭😭

Oh the tweet button has a circle now

Thank you to whoever did that <3

The tweet button on mobile mastodon is so hidden like, when does it have to blend in with the BG
Can you add like a circle behind it to make it more visible instead of just it being a png or is it stuck like this 😭😭😭

I guess twitter is dying or something? That's crazy

Give me more people to follow on this site I need it

new things don't show up on my timeline fast enough here

Does anyone know how to fix this

It would be funny if I used this account more often I think

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