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feel like ill never get into creating things i want if people would just toss shit or steal it

not sure who i consider my friends tbh but hey thats cool because i can simply forget they exist

the future is complex and it sucks dont go there

time is going faster and i've got a feeling that we're not going to catch up

one day left and still going strong. probably because i have no homework and had a ridiculous amount of time to recover.

exam week is here and i'm close to the breaking point

i've learned more about life from myself more than i've learned about anything from school. school is just a bunch of fun facts thrown together just to grab your attention for a split second before you return to whatever you were doing. starting to really see why people compare it to prison.


people will keeo telling you to follow the dreams you never had because they always had a headstart in life

exams are coming and i can feel myself slowly deteriorating from the inside

happy songs are depressing when you're out of it

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