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vrchat world all done in blender now - 22,904 triangles in total (including furniture, all made myself!)

next stop - figure out how to do this in unity (and swap out this afternoon lighting for evening lighting)

(sorry for overexposure - lighting is temp blender stuff)

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anyway work in progress vrchat map, might port to roblox for fun too

still gotta fill with stuff!

I can now tell you that this staircase has about 30 degrees slope, with 18.125 cm of rise per step and 31.25 cm of going

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I just spent like half an hour doing maths and making sure this staircase is a UK regulation private/domestic staircase

This is a virtual staircase Elttob


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hello I sent an amazon package to a house I am not currently occupying ama

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i've started paying attention to when I feel hungry and realised that i'm actually just thirsty

turns out I've been super dehydrated all the time

so uh go drink water

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what pathfinding algorithm did the 3 wise men use to find their way to meet the baby jesus 


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Frostbite has his own mini-Twitter, no way? (Art by @FloofyBlueThing on Twitter)