Had a dream that I went to a furry "convention" (? I think it wasn't necessarily a convention. Didn't see anyone in fursuits, just a few pop-up shops) in this one pretty big public gathering walkable space, starting by laying on the ground for a few minutes.

I then proceeded to play Venetian Snares - Chinaski on the speakers, much to a lot of people's dismay (I think this detail was taken from the time I played it in a VRChat world, making a few people go like ?????). I was grinning so hard while it was playing and everyone around me was confused.
Then I got to the actual shop part. I only looked at one wall out of the entire thing. There were backpacks with sergals on it, some random shirts and stuff, etc.
But the main thing I saw there were prints of lapfox artwork on like, toy products such as frisbees n shit. It was so odd, like one of those beach-tourist shops that have everything cheap w/ random ass prints over them.

One thing stood out, though, and it was this video game on a CD. Bandetto and the quick brown fox were on the cover, and it was titled "SPAM KEYS, JACKASS!" with arrows on the cover, presumably a rhythm game. There was a discord screenshot next to the game, with someone thanking emma for help on it. I guess it wasn't made by emma, but they allowed the person to make it and helped them? I have no idea.
Anyway, that's basically it. Woke up after that.


@Yoshi i now very much want to play "SPAM KEYS, JACKASS!" it sounds like a very fun game

@frostbite this is approximately what the disc looked like, or at least my current interpretation of it as I couldn't entirely remember its intricacies

I'd play it too.

@Yoshi btw bandetto is better than tqbf, don't @ me
oh wait that's just my pooltoy bias talking

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