my youtube watched later list has hit the maximum of 5,000 videos and i can't clear out all of the ones i've watched automatically because i turned off watch history years ago

are there any other mod enthusiasts out here
i spend far too much time on programming an avatar for a niche minecraft mod than doing actual work lol

i forgot that this website doesn't have quote boosts i could have really used that to add extra context to something i was about to post :pout:

absolutely a moment

trying to make a new VR keyboard
it looks really nice but also i have no clue if this is even gonna be easy to type on or not

calckey is trending on my instance this is a common calc W

im tryna follow someone on but delivery failed today how tf do i fix this 😭

just like in real life, my own achievements are a mystery to me

the minecraft figura mod is so painful to use but also so cool and rewarding
look at my boy. he can wear armor now

original screenshot - birdapp 

don't mind me, just porting over my pinned tweet to the fediverse :frostbite:

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