@kayden any good misskey instances with english speaking users?

@InternetEh this wind storm fucking sucks. i just wanted to ride my bike today.

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If The Thing has taught us anything it's that when dealing with an otherworldly monster, you should make a flamethrower your first pick weapon of choice. Don't waste your time coming to the horrifying conclusion that your bullets just pass through them, or they instantly regenerate from the kinetic damage. Just go straight to dousing them in lit napalm. Nothing comes back from that.

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guy who leads our Monday conference call has a standard English accent and just said "Chewsdee"

step sister just gave me a book called the complete idiot's guide to computers i'm gonna kms

lol @ me not realizing this account was unindexed by default

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maybe u wouldnt be like "the kids have not got fully-developed brains" if u stopped interrupting their brain development by not letting them fucking do anything

τһе ɡгееԁ оғ ⅿаɴ κɴоѡѕ ɴо Ьоυɴԁѕ.


Frostbite has his own mini-Twitter, no way? (Art by @FloofyBlueThing on Twitter)